Different Types of Dentures

While a lot of dental work focuses on repair to the teeth, sometimes teeth need to be removed (or teeth are congenitally missing). When we think of dentures, we tend to imagine a full set of fake teeth at the side of grandma’s bed. But the fact is, dentures come in many forms, and the term is often used for any false tooth. Read on to learn more about different types of dentures:


What is the Best Way to Floss?

Even for the most committed, flossing can sometimes feel like a chore—and if you don’t do it regularly, restarting the habit can be not just difficult, but painful. At the same time, we all know how important flossing is to overall dental health. Even if you brush after every meal, tiny particles of food can hide between your teeth and under your gumline. Over time, those particles form plaque, and can cause damage to your gums and your enamel.

But don’t lose hope! Anyone can build a flossing habit that would make their hygienist proud. Read on for tips and suggestions on how to make flossing a part of your daily routine.


Updated COVID-19 Protocols & Policies

Since early 2020, COVID-19 has dramatically changed all of our lives, as we have adapted to the presence of this virus across our community.  Your health and well-being continue to be our highest priority.  We are able to provide quality dental care  because we continue to follow the latest guidelines and recommendations set forth by the scientific community to ensure your safety. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we navigate this challenge together.

For your peace of mind, the measures we are taking to provide a safe dental treatment experience include, but are not limited to, the following:


Benefits of a Dental Bridge

When we are missing a tooth, it can impact all aspects of our lives, from the most basic actions like chewing our food to our performance at work and comfort in social environments. For many, a dental bridge is a great option to consider that can help maintain your dental health while also making you more confident and comfortable. A bridge fills a gap caused by a missing tooth, whether it is a tooth that was pulled or just a tooth you never had. The space is filled with a false tooth, called a pontic, which “bridges” the gap between your teeth and is attached to crowns on either side of the gap


Different Types of Dental Implants

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of dental implants are performed every year in America? And according to the ADA, this number is expected to continue to rise as the years go on. Dental implants are surgically placed components that fuse with your jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis. In layman’s terms, a dental implant serves as a fake root to a fake tooth. Patients need implants for a variety of reasons, such as injury, gum disease, or simply genetics that have left them with a missing tooth. While dental implants are a highly successful solution, there are many types of implants to be considered. At our office, we work with you to determine the best possible dental implant choice for you. 

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